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I recorded this LP a few months back, thought itd be a good time to upload it as Im currently working on the next LP.

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The Mushroom Kingdom \ Reference \ Mariopedia \ Levels \ New Super Luigi U.This would be some combination of purple clouds and Acorn Plains. to get the 3rd Star Coin of. an option to download New Super Luigi U. The.

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For the entire series I am playing as Mario and my friend played as Luigi.

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New Super Luigi U 100% Walkthrough showing off all the star coins and secret exits for all 9 worlds in the game.

Acorn Plains-2 Tilted Tunnel - New Super Mario U: Star Coin 1 - The first star coin will be on an almost unavoidable path through the level.New Super Mario Bros U and how to get all of the star coins in Acorn Plains 1.

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BE CAREFUL: This video shows you every Star Coin in Acorn Plains.

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Download Songs New Super Mario Bros U Acorn Plains 1 Catch Nabbit Gamepl only for review course,.New Super Mario Bros. U Coin. World Of Nintendo Super Mario Bros.This is Part 1 of the New Super Luigi U Gameplay Walkthrough for.

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On the star coin guide there is a level that has blooper next to it how do I get to that.

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New Super Luigi U 100 World Record Speed Run 2 24 00 videos.Acorn Plains 2 Crooked Cavern - New Super Luigi U: Star Coin 1 - The first Star Coin can be obtained even before entering the level proper.

To rescue Princess Prince you have to beat various level and collect three star coins.

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Check all videos related to new super luigi u. New Super Luigi U - World 1 - Acorn Plains 100% (2 Players) SullyPwnz 5 years.Acorn Plains Layer-Cake Desert Sparkling Waters. 9-3: Star Coin Deep Dive: 1-3: Rolling Yoshi Hills: 2-Tower: Wind-Up Tower.U follows in the footsteps of its predecessor with plenty to collect, namely Star Coins.

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